Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The cult of the early riser

Can somebody explain why the church still does early morning seminary for high school students? I mean, we’ve known for years that teens really do generally need to sleep in later than those of other ages—but we make a big deal about getting up hyper-early to go to seminary classes.

So why? Why do we put our teens through something that is so clearly bad for them and call it a virtue?

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Heather the Mama Duk said...

Because it proves that those of us "in the mission field" are WAY more holy than those in Utah. After all, they *don't* get up super early for seminary but instead take it as "release time" during the regular school day.

Actually, I think it really is because the only options are early morning, home study (which most leaders won't allow for some reason), or once a week (also rather rare). Since early morning is the easiest to force into schedules we have to come up with some reason why it's so great to be at church at 6 every morning.

FWIW, my children will likely not do seminary. With Ani being in 7th grade at 10, that'll put her in 9th at 12, two full years before she would normally. Because I do not relish the idea of driving her to seminary early in the morning only to get home by 7:30 in the morning ready to start our normal homeschooling day, if she is not allowed to do home study seminary, she will simply skip it. Actually, because we homeschool I find the whole going to church insanely early silly (even though *I* get up about 5:30 normally... the kids don't and I like that early morning to myself time). We'll be using BYU high school courses for 9th-12th grades and they have free religion courses that the kids can take in lieu of seminary. I'm really not pressed over them having actual seminary.