Monday, August 9, 2010

Blatant heresy

Why are Mormons so into having choristers lead us whenever we sing? It’s really bizarre, particularly when you consider that it’s something a lot of other religious traditions do just fine without.

Us, though, we just have to have someone waving at us while we sing, even to the point of occasionally press-ganging people who would rather not into performing that role. Why?


Heather the Mama Duk said...

Because I refused to serve on the activities committee. Again.

I lead the music in Relief Society. Actually, getting up there and waving my arm around isn't the main part of my calling. The main part is the music minute I do instead of a practice hymn. That's fun.

I still maintain I could wave my arm around while totally naked and no one would ever notice. Most people keep their eyes firmly glued to their hymnals while singing.

David B said...

Actually, i would suggest that leading the music naked would be noticed. I can’t, however, be certain of this, so i suggest that you try it one time to test the theory.

More seriously, the thing to try would be to direct a 4/4 song in 3/4 and see what people did.

Jeanne said...

You've been harping on this subject for years, and I'd noticed that in other churches we attended, although it is true there was not generally someone in front waving their arm, there _was_ generally someone standing up front singing for everyone else to follow - whether the priest or someone else.

The only time I have ever attended a church meeting where there really was no leader of any kind for the music (the pianist just played and everyone sat there and sang) was last summer when we attended another latter-day saint movement service. Having never experienced it before, I hadn't been sure it would work, but it did work just fine.