Saturday, August 28, 2010

Attaching a name to a story

So i was paging through the August Ensign, and i noticed that in the very last article in the issue the author talked about growing up in an abusive home. However, the name of the author looked like a real name, not “Name Withheld”.

I can only assume that the editors responsible for this oversight have been taken out and flogged.

p.s. Actually, to be entirely honest, i welcome this. I mean—and i’m dead serious in this postscript—if we regularly attach things such as abuse only to nameless folks, or at least real folks who are still ashamed enough about it or still feel so injured by it that they won’t let their names be attached to the story, how will we ever really be able to combat such thing amongst us?


Heather the Mama Duk said...

It really is good people are willing to talk about stuff like that with their actual name attached. That takes courage.

Sometimes I wonder if articles by Name Withheld were just made up.

David B said...

I don’t think that the Name Withheld stories were all made up—well, at least not since the requirement that all stories in church magazines be based on actual experiences got put in place a few years back—but i do think that attaching that to them simply reinforced the idea that having certain issues in one’s past, even if they weren’t the fault of the one relating the story (or if they were, but they were were fully repented of), is shameful. Not really a healthy way of looking at it, i’d say.