Saturday, April 3, 2021

Sorta-liveblogging general conference: Priesthood session

Priesthood session, though this time it was made clear that all are invited to view it, not just priesthood holders, which i found interesting.

Russell M. Nelson, president of the high priesthood
  • Some of us may have had our hope fail during this pandemic, but know that God is as optimistic about your individual future as ever.
  • If you look back, you will see the ways in which God has led you to become better.
  • During the pandemic, we have learned the centrality of the home (“yes, even your home”) to God’s purposes.
  • Why does God want us to make our homes the center of gospel learning? It isn’t just to get us through this pandemic—our need for our homes to be holy places will only increase.
  • We need each other—this is why God gives us families, organizes us into wards, has us minister to each other, and live in the world.
  • Has the pandemic [“this shared trial”, as he phrased it] drawn you closer to your neighbors across the street and around the world? [With the implication that if the answer is no, you’re doing it wrong.]
  • [He mentions that this address has included a list of things he has learned during the pandemic, but suggests that everyone could make their own, because each of us has learned different things.]
Dallin H. Oaks, of the quorum of the first presidency
  • We will all be resurrected, which doesn’t just give us a promise for the future, but gives us a way to view the difficulties of mortal life and the strength to endure them.
  • Knowing that we will be resurrected to be with our families leads us to live up to our family responsibilities in this life.
  • Jesus Christ did all that he did for us because he loves all of the children of God.
Henry B. Eyring, of the quorum of the first presidency
  • There is a better way to pray and think than to simply hope not to fail in our responsibilities—rather, we should remember that the purpose of the priesthood is to allow us to bless other people in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • Desire to offer priesthood service will grow as we perform it and grow in love.
  • It takes love to know what God wants for the person we are serving, and not to let our own or the other person’s desires get in the way of that.
S. Gifford Nielsen, of the quorums of seventy
  • We need to trust God’s purposes, and that the results will be according to the will of God.
  • Jesus Christ is the one reliable source of strength and courage, no matter what our situation may be.
  • The two great commandments imply a third one: to love yourself.
Ahmad S. Corbitt, of the general presidency of the young men
  • There was a war for the souls of God’s children before this life; that war continues today, and we can participate on the side of good.
  • We knew that God could not lie, and so we chose to follow God’s plan and feel the joy that comes from it.
  • We already have “faith muscles”, and exercising our faith will strengthen them.
Quentin L. Cook, of the quorum of apostles
  • The bishop has several roles within the ward, but is directed to focus a lot of effort on the youth.
  • [There’s a lot of good stuff in here, but not the kind of things that lend themselves to notes.]
  • Bishops should not have assigned ministering families so that they can be freer to minister to youth who are having conflicts with their families.
  • Bishops should delegate counseling that doesn’t have to do with worthiness to other ward leaders (and those to whom the counseling is delegated have the right to the same revelation the bishop is).

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