Thursday, July 31, 2008

Yet another Mormon blogger?

Yeah, i know, there’s way too many Mormon-oriented blogs out there already. I hope I can make this one different enough, particularly by starting out with one guiding principle:

We Mormons do a lot of things that can be made fun of. In fact, we do a lot of things that should be made fun of.
Therefore, i intend to make fun of them. Every few days, i’ll post an observation, many collected from years of being evil and passing notes about the weirdnesses that occasionally go on in sacrament meetings and various Sunday classes.

Really, none of what i’ll be posting here is going to be very serious (hence “snark” as part of the blog’s name). My hope is that you’ll see a little bit of yourself and your ward in these postings, and that you’ll smile—and if the old joke about God’s people being a peculiar people in the most modern sense of the world rings true, well, that’s fine. After all, if we can’t see the humor in ourselves, why should we expect anyone else to enjoy our company?