Saturday, October 3, 2020

Sorta-liveblogging general conference: Saturday evening session

Yeah, i’m a man taking notes on the women’s session. So sue me. It’s not like my daughters stay in seclusion over on the other side of the house during the April priesthood sessions, you know?

Russell M. Nelson, president of the high priesthood
  • The women of the church have both the numbers and the spiritual power to change the world for the better.
  • Prophecies of our day speak in somber tones—but also of its glories.
  • How do we reconcile these views? Simply: “If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear.”
  • There are several ways that we have been told to prepare, both temporally but even more important spiritually and emotionally.
  • We should make sure our homes are places where we can feel safety; our stakes and temples are also places of security, as is anyplace where you can feel the influence of the Holy Ghost.
  • We need to prepare ourselves to be faithful to God by study and action.
  • Important, though: Never stop preparing.
  • The future may not be easy, but it will be glorious for those who prepare.
Dallin H. Oaks, of the first presidency
  • The promises of the Lord that we will be able to pass through tribulations and come out conqueror are made to each of us, and allow us to experience even our trials with joy.
  • Remember, all tribulations are temporary.
  • “In the midst of hardships, the divine assurance is always ‘Be of good cheer, for i will lead you along…’”
  • Tribulations are there not so that we will fail, but rather so that we will “succeed by overcoming”.
Henry B. Eyring, of the first presidency
  • We are called to create a Zion society, and women will be at the forefront of that effort.
  • The women of the church do not hold a “second place” in the plan of God—without the women of the church, the entire plan would fail.
  • To be a Zion people we must have unity, and the women of the church will ultimately earn more than half of the credit for that.
And now we get a movie!
  • Sad piano music, lots of shots of women clearly grieving.
  • The twist! They’re now focusing outward, and rather happier.
  • Interesting trick: They were all wearing pandemic masks in the outdoor shots, but we’re apparently in a post-pandemic world by the end of it.
Cristina B. Franco, of the general presidency of the primary organization
  • We are all in some way broken.
  • Unlike many physical objects, however, we can be completely healed when we come to Jesus.
  • Jesus Christ has the power to turn our mourning into happiness.
Rebecca Craven of the general presidency of the young women organization
  • The savior gives us more than we can ever repay, so what can we do in response? We can change.
  • [There’s an ongoing play on the word change, but it’s very much an English-only—and perhaps even American English-only—bit of wordplay. I do wonder how the various translators have been dealing with this.]
  • The change of repentance doesn’t mean we need to start over, it’s a way that we continue to move forward.
  • We may need to help others as they change, and we should always stand willing to do so.
Sharon Eubank, of the general presidency of the relief society organization
  • We obtain power with God by “union of feeling”.
  • We should be free with our mercy toward others.
  • Unity takes work, and can be uncomfortable, but we will never be alone when we are working toward it.
  • In our diversity, we have power to remove prejudice and build unity.

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