Saturday, October 5, 2019

Sorta-liveblogging general conference: Saturday afternoon session

As with the rest of these entries, the first speaker is at the bottom of the post, and then you can read up to follow chronologically.

Ronald A. Rasband, of the quorum of apostles
  • Teaching our children will protect them and help set them up for success in their later lives.
  • Keeping promises is not a habit, but rather a characteristic of a disciple of Jesus.
  • The gathering of Israel is simply giving all a chance to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • We must keep our promises, and as we do this God will back us up as we build up the kingdom.

Jorge M. Alvarado, of the quorums of seventy
  • It is our responsibility to teach our children to love God—we cannot assume they will do it on their own.
  • Children will be strengthened by the faith of their parents, which will help them get through the trials of life.

L. Todd Budge, of the quorums of seventy
  • The difficulties of life can lead to concerns that seem too much for us, but God can provide a way for us.
  • The only way we can get through the worst of what life faces us with is by putting our trust in God.
  • Note that the Jaredites were given a way to cross the sea in a way that may have seemed impossible, but God gave them a way and they rejoiced even while they were on the way.

Mark L. Pace, general president of the Sunday school organization
  • We need a firm foundation in Christ, and the recent programmatic changes can help develop that.
  • “The goal isn’t to make church one hour shorter, it is to make church six days longer.”
  • The attacks of Satan are increasing, but gospel teaching in the home will ensure that the influence of Satan decreases.

Quentin L. Cook, of the quorum of apostles
  • Young men presidencies at the ward level are being discontinued.
  • The bishopric is in charge of the Aaronic priesthood quorums—but this does not mean that the bishop can shirk responsibility for the young women of the ward.
  • Ward young women presidents now report directly to the bishop, and that can't be delegated to a bishop's counselor.
  • The stake young men’s president will now be a high councilor (as will the stake Sunday school president).
  • These (and the other organizational) changes announced here don’t have to be implemented immediately, but must be done by the turn of the year.

Russell M. Nelson, president of the high priesthood
  • Restating the recent policy change on witnessing for baptisms.
  • The changes are made to encourage family participation in ordinances.
  • There will be changes in the youth programs—those for young men to be announced in the next address, and those for young women in the general women’s session.

Rubén V. Alliaud, of the quorums of seventy
  • [This was mostly his conversion story.]

David A. Bednar, of the quorum of apostles
  • [In his whole description of cheetah hunting methods, what i’m learning is that i have great respect for cheetahs. I don’t think that’s the lesson i’m supposed to be getting from this.]
  • We need to be aware of beguiling evils that pretend to be good.
  • Spiritual thoughtlessness or inattentiveness invites great danger into our lives.
  • We have spiritual appetites that are necessary for survival—and so Satan tempts us through those appetites, which are appetites that Satan (lacking a body) does not have.
  • As you respond in faith, you will be inspired to know what you should do to take on the whole armor of God.

Sustaining of church officers and authorities, presented Henry B. Eyring, of the first presidency
  • The president and acting president of the quorum of apostles got their own fully separate line in the sustaining list. Is that normal? Can’t remember.
  • The sustaining included a crazy long list of releases of area seventies. I’m starting to feel like one day they’ll take up an entire session…

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