Saturday, April 9, 2011

Teach your children well

As some of you know, i used to be faculty at Brigham Young University. While i was there, i learned (somewhat to my surprise) that the full-time religion faculty at Brigham Young University do—or at least try to, it’s really up to the students to let them—teach the really important principles underlying our religion. The demand for religion courses there, though, what with them being required for graduation and all, means that a lot of the religion courses are taught by people who don’t have the same training in or dedication to the subject. In my opinion, this shortchanges the students there.

I don’t know how one would fix it, though—i mean, hiring more faculty is expensive. If we’re really serious about our church-owned schools as being places where people are trained deeply in the principles of the gospel, though, it might be worth the investment.

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Heather the Mama Duk said...

That would make sense to have all good professors... but that goes for all subjects. Let's face it. Not all teachers are created equal.