Thursday, April 28, 2011


So the church has announced that they’re going to be restoring a rather important site in the history of the church: the area in Pennsylvania where the priesthoods were restored.* This led to an observation from my oldest child:

You mean they’re going to be restoring the restoration?

Yeah, i know, not even intended as a joke, but i found it amusing. But then again, i’m a word nerd.

* At some level, i’m a bit sad about this. I’ve been there a couple times, and the fact that it’s completely undeveloped (aside from an easy-to-miss historical marker) and remote always seemed to make it a nicely contemplative place. The price of progress, i suppose…

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Michelle said...

I agree about the niceness of an undeveloped historical location. The Haun's Mill area is very difficult to find, and the dirt road to it is full of holes, but the fact that there isn't a big visitor's center (or anything really, except for a small marker), adds to the atmosphere.