Wednesday, April 20, 2011

From the archives

So i was cleaning out old emails, and i found the exchange i’ve reproduced below. First there was a note from someone to another member of the family, HHH, who lives across the Atlantic Ocean but was planning a visit to the US:

The lesson in our nursery class calls for a mother and baby to come in and the mother tell the children how she takes care of the baby. HHH, would you be interested in doing that?

And i, who was cc:ed on all the travel planning, couldn’t resist replying with:

I vote, HHH, that you come in and say something like “When she cries too much, i hang her outside the window by a leather strap.” Or maybe “Diapers? What are those?”

Okay, maybe not. But just imagine the looks on all the grownups’ faces!

Flight to the US: $3,000
Lunch on the run in the airport: $25
Renting a car for a week: $500
Horrifying folks at church: Priceless

For some things, there’s MasterCard. For everything else, there’s the evil depths of David B’s imagination.

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