Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sometimes being a missionary is fun

Completely true personal story: Back when i was a full-time missionary (i was sent to Germany and Austria), i had a missionary companion (a Utahn) who, when introducing himself to people, would go on and on at length about how Utah was the greatest place on earth—and one of his “proofs” of this was that Utah has every sort of landscape possible: there's desert, mountains, forest, &c. I dealt with this for a while until i as a born-and-bred Marylander couldn't take it any longer and i broke in (in German and as innocent-sounding as i could manage it) with “Really? I didn't know Utah had any ocean coastline.” I still think that the minimal cruelty was entirely worth it for the expression on his face.


Heather the Mama Duk said...

Awesome. I suppose he also wasn't aware that the state of Maryland is sometimes called "America in Miniature" because we have small bits of so many of the country's geographic types included in our little state. (I didn't know that either until doing MD history with Ani, but I thought it was pretty cool.)

David B said...

If i’d tried that, though, he could have thrown the lack of desert back in my face.

(But really, who actually needs desert in their state? Not me, that’s for sure.)