Saturday, March 26, 2011


I’ve mentioned a few times that i have all daughters and no sons, and sometimes i feel like i’m the only active Mormon guy around in that situation.

There is one very, very big advantage that this gives me, though, you know. Specifically:

I will always have an easy out when it comes to father-son campouts.

All you guys out there with sons can feel free to be jealous now.


Carla said...
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Heather the Mama Duk said...

And no Scouts.


Bob Jr. said...

I had three sisters and no brothers and now have five daughters and no sons - if you look up "wimp" in the dictionary you will see my picture - but I wouldn't change a thing!! (AND I am active in the church)
Thanks for "blogging" conference - wonderful comments.

Macha said...

I'm sorry, how does having a lot of women in your family make you a "wimp"? Sensitivity? Shopping for tampons? Living in a feminine atmosphere makes you weak?

David B said...

Maybe Bob Jr. is claiming to be a wimp who just happens to have sisters and daughters? working on spreading charitable-ness here!