Monday, April 26, 2010


Just a little note stemming from the fact that i’ve probably listened to more pre-1970 general conference audio than anyone else born post-Woodstock.

Most people my age (and older) associate Spencer W. Kimball with the slow, intensely gravelly voice that came from him surviving a bout with throat cancer by having a chunk of his vocal folds removed.

When he was first called into the quorum of apostles,* though, he had one of the most beautiful speaking voices i’ve ever heard. In my tradition of asking unanswerable questions, i wonder whether he would have been perceived differently had he never had his voice disfigured like that.

* Yeah, i know that’s not the standard name of the quorum—it’s accurate, though, so i’m sticking with it.


Heather the Mama Duk said...

Depends on what perception people had. I don't remember his voice at all. My perceptions of him are based solely on reading his words.

Michelle said...

Now that's an interesting thought. Do those of us who only remember his rough voice listen to his words differently than if they were said by a regular voice? I'd say we probably do.