Friday, April 30, 2010

In which David B may commit heresy

I suspect this is cultural heresy, but here goes:

I don’t believe that midweek activities for the youth are really all that helpful at encouraging church activity among said youth.

I’ll step into my asbestos suit now. Fire away.

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Heather the Mama Duk said...

Even more heresy.

I think AWANAS that is so popular among the Protestant/other Christian churches right now is a lot more useful. A whole lot.

And I think it is deplorable that 8-11 year old boys have activities every week and 8-11 year old girls only twice a month. Really encourages girls, especially when it seems the boys get a badge every time they fart and burp at the same time and the girls get basically nothing for anything.

I think our church could do a whole lot better with mid-week activities. Actually, it totally depends on who is in charge. When I was a Beehive the leader was not the greatest. The activities were stupid. When I was a MIA Maid and Laurel the leaders we had were awesome and a lot of girls who didn't come Sundays came on Wednesdays/Tuesdays (depending on the year) and would occasionally come Sundays, too. They really did encourage activity. When I was a Beehive I think some of the activities encouraged INactivity.