Sunday, February 17, 2013

Would anything change?

So the Boy Scouts of America is currently debating a change in policy, so that gay and lesbian individuals could participate in scouting. (Under current policy, homosexual youth and leaders are banned from participating in scouting.) There’s been some whispering around that if their policy is changed, several churches (including the Mormon church) will stop sponsoring scout troops.

Would the Mormon church necessarily have that reaction, though? I mean, according to church dogma, being homosexual (as opposed to participating in homosexual acts) is not sinful. Therefore, why wouldn’t the Mormon church be more than cool with having a celibate homosexual participate in church-sponsored scouting activities?


David B said...

Not to mention, it occurs to me, that the homosexual youth among us might be some of the ones in the most need of being mentored by those in the church—but the boys, at least, aren’t allowed to take part in the youth program fully as long as (a) the church’s youth program for boys remains yoked to the Boy Scouts of America and (b) the Boy Scouts of America continues their policy of excluding homosexuals.

Michelle said...

I agree that a homosexual young man being accepted and mentored in an LDS pack could have great results for everyone involved. The last part of the Boy Scout oath is to be "morally clean." A non-practicing homosexual can be just as clean as a non-practicing heterosexual.

My opinion is that the BSA will end up (someday, whether or not it happens this spring) allowing homosexuals to participate in packs, but that they will leave it up to individual councils or packs to determine how they implement the new rules. I don't see the LDS church pulling away from BSA.

Michelle said...

I just realized that "non-practicing" isn't really the right description. Maybe non-active?

Heather the Mama Duk said...

Oh, please, oh, please, oh, please let the church break with Scouts. Seriously, we have a program for boys created under the inspiration of the Priesthood. That should 100% trump Scouts.

It irks me that homosexual youth are excluded from Scouts. Especially since a celibate homosexual/person with same-sex attraction can be a member in good standing and attend the temple and everything.