Friday, February 8, 2013

Settling an old one

As you may or may not know, the Lion House was one of Brigham Young’s homes, but it is now run by the Mormon church as a reception center, and it has a restaurant. I don’t know how long the image will be live, but this link shows an image of the daily menu for the Lion House Pantry (the name of the restaurant) for this past January. Note that one of the entrées is [drum roll] Coca-Cola pork.

I’m glad that the church has embraced cola beverages, so we can stop arguing about caffeine and start arguing over important things, like whether women must wear nylon stockings to church or not.

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Heather the Mama Duk said...

I find it really funny that people still argue over cola drinks and the Word of Wisdom. I get to be holier than thou on this one. No Coke or Pepsi for me. I can't stand cola (I will, however, drink a Barqs Root Beer... though I prefer Mug or A&W just because I like the taste better... but, clearly, I don't include caffeine in soda as part of the WoW).

A few years ago our bishop (who is also a friend and has been for years) asked our opinion on caffeinated sodas and the Word of Wisdom. He agreed with us that he didn't think they were not allowed. However, he said he had run into a couple people who truly believed they were included and he figured for *them* it would be inappropriate since they'd be breaking what they believe to be a commandment and it wasn't hurting anything for them to not partake (as long as they didn't get on other members who do - and they didn't so it was all good).