Monday, June 25, 2012

Practical clothing

I wish to submit that whoever it was that came up with the idea that female people should always dress in one-piece swimsuits* was never involved in toilet-training a girl.

That is all.

* It has long amused me that every time requirements for church activities involving swimming say that all of the girls and women must wear one-piece swimsuits, any of them could, technically, fulfill said requirement by wearing a monokini.


Heather the Mama Duk said...

I totally agree! And, actually, I figure if it's a woman, they must be the pee in the pool type because a long-since toilet trained adult wiggling out of a one-piece to go pee is not fun at all.

Oddly, my daughter does not like tankinis. She actually prefers one-piece suits. She has no problem doing the bending and shifting to get out of her suit to use the bathroom.

I've noticed that most tankinis actually are MORE modest than most one-piece suits. In our old ward the reasoning behind one-piece only was given as they might jump into the water and their top part may ride up and a little belly skin may show. Ooooh, belly skin.

Ani's at girls camp right now and of course they had to have one-piece suits, but they also had to have t-shirts to go OVER those suits while swimming. First of all, many public pools do not allow t-shirts over swimming suits. The cotton can clog up their filtration system. Second, it's not comfortable IMO to swim with a shirt over your suit. And, third, why, then, do we insist on one-piece suits if they have to cover them with a t-shirt anyway. Ani took a size 7/8 shirt she still has to wear over her suit (she wears 12/14 usually) because I did not want her t-shirt to be big and loose. There's a reason we swim in tight-fitting clothing. It's called safety.

(And, btw, to go beyond the one-piece swimsuit modesty thing, our girls were not allowed to take any shorts to girls camp. None. Zero. Didn't matter if they were a certain length. Thy just banned them altogether. Capris and rolled up jeans are fine, however, provided their knees are covered when they sit down. It will be in the high 80s to just over 100 this week in the town where the camp is.)

Sunny said...

Amen to that!

Heather the Mama Duk said...

Guess what? Tankinis are NOT banned in our stake! Shocker, huh? It turns out our ward has a little problem with communication and so said no tankinis and a T-shirt while swimming. In reality there was never a tankini ban. Those are perfectly fine. The T-shirt thing was only about wearing a T-shirt TO the pool. In the pool, no T-shirts. Ani still prefers one-piece suits over tankinis for whatever reason, but I was happy to hear she did not need to wear a T-shirt while swimming and even happier to hear other girls in the stake were allowed to wear tankinis.