Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Round robin reading

A comment on my last post got me wondering: Where did the tradition (for lack of a better word) in Mormon teaching come from where people are asked to pass around the manual and read from it a paragraph or so at a time? Sometimes this is the way stories get read, but i’ve really seen it most often where the entire lesson consists of everybody reading a piece of the lesson from the manual in turn.

I mean, whoever came up with the idea that this is anything even remotely approaching sound pedagogical practice?


Heather the Mama Duk said...

It's an attempt to get people to pay attention and not have to listen to the teacher drone on and on I think. I remember being in elementary school reading things out of our textbooks like that, too. Those who just have people read bits of the lesson in turn through the whole lesson are taking the lazy way out.

jennifer anderson said...

it keeps people interested and involves them. just like similair work or school training may do it

David B said...

So two responses saying it’s done to get people to pay attention.

For my part, though, i totally tune out when the whole take-turns-reading thing happens. Go figure.