Saturday, May 19, 2012

If you’re running late, just admit it

Fair warning: I’m gonna go totally postal on the next person who excuses their lateness by claiming that it’s no big deal, they’re just working on “Mormon Standard Time”.


Heather the Mama Duk said...

I have a Baptist friend who calls it "Baptist Standard Time." I think it's really just rude people trying to excuse their rudeness.

I was in the foyer with Adrian by the middle of the opening hymn yesterday (yeah... it's going to be on of those days if that happens). I was shocked at how many people get to church between the opening hymn and the end of the Sacrament being passed. We sit in front so I don't usually see that.

Idiot, Village said...

The only thing that bugs me more is the things people do to attempt to counteract "mormon standard time." For instance, we recently had a sacrament meeting at the Kirtland temple. The organizers advertised that it started at 6:30 PM specifically so they could start at 7:00 PM. They didn't even tell the speakers their plan (and then they didn't start until 7:15 anyway).

Heather the Mama Duk said...

^That's enabling. And annoying to those of us who arrive on time. Or the advertised time.

David B said...

Actually, the event that triggered this post was pretty close to the kind of thing Idiot, Village relates: Jeanne is in the stake choir, and they had to be present at 6:30p to sing the prelude music (starting at 6:40p) for an event that started at 7:00p. One of the women in the choir said that they needed to say that everyone needed to be there at 6:15p, so that everyone would be there at 6:30p “because of Mormon Standard Time”. The choir director was flustered enough that she kind of stammered out that okay, everyone should be there at 6:15p.

The end result: There were a few people who came in at 6:15p, and pretty much the entire choir was there by 6:30p. In fact, everyone was there by 6:35p or so—well, everyone except for the woman who had suggested 6:15p, who dashed in at about 6:50p, well after the choir had already started singing the prelude music.

Not that Jeanne was annoyed by this, no, not at all.