Saturday, May 21, 2011

Drawing lines

Quick question, in case anyone out there knows: Is there an easy way to find out what ward boundaries are? I mean, i know that for my own ward it’d be easy* to ask the ward clerk, and for wards in my stake or nearby ones i could maybe ask a stake clerk, but is there a way i could just randomly check how many wards there are in, say, Munich, Germany and where the boundaries between them lie?

And i know i could go to the church’s website and repeatedly plug in addresses until i find addresses on either side of the boundary line, but that just seems astonishingly painful. Maybe—maybe!—it’d be worth it to find the boundaries between a single pair of adjacent church units, but for the wards in even a single city? No way.

(And yeah, yeah, i know, disappointment all around on two posts in a row with the serious tag. Back to more casual observations next time, i promise—but at least this one’s not the thoughtful type of serious, it’s just a request for information!)

* Really easy, in fact.


Aaron Nuzman said...

I was actually playing around with the maps tool on last week, and I don't think it provides a way to see what you are asking for. I did notice that boundaries are not considered "publicly available" information, but you can easily view all ward and stake boundaries for your awn stake if you sign in, as well as mission and area boundaries for the world.

Michelle said...

I've never understood why ward boundaries always seem to be a well-kept secret.

Here in Brussels it is further complicated by the fact that our ward boundaries for French speakers are different than the ward boundaries for English speakers. Sounds a lot like bussing kids to integrate schools.