Monday, May 30, 2011


It continues to amaze me, the degree to which the policies and expectations of the Mormon church* assume that all families, or at least all families with children, have (at least) two cars. This ranges from the expectations of certain church callings to various church programs.

Consider the extra-special bonus meetings that members in administrative callings (such as members of the bishopric and organizational, group, and auxiliary presidents) have to attend before and/or after regular Sunday meetings while their families have to sit around and wait, often hungry, unless they have another car. Perhaps more extreme is the situation of members of stake high councils, who are expected to drive all over the place to attend various units’ sacrament meetings while their families need to drive to the meetings in their home wards.

Another case: Fathers of teenaged girls are usually asked to help out with young women’s camp.** However, since these events are usually held some distance from the girls’ homes, these fathers have to be able to drive to the campsite (and, just because of the way the logistics work, carpooling isn’t usually an option)—while the part of their family that remains at home still has to get around somehow.

So, the questions:
  1. Is this a good, or at least a reasonable, assumption for the church to make?
  2. If not, how can it be changed (if, in fact, it can be)?
  3. Might this have any sort of effect on the activity or devotion level of families that, by choice or by necessity, only have one car?
* In the United States, at least. Given social norms outside of the United States, i suspect that this is less true elsewhere.

** This, i have recently learned, is the event formerly known as girls camp.

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Heather the Mama Duk said...

Hence the reason Mommie said not to let anyone know that we now do have a second vehicle... Just 'cause we have two doesn't mean we're willing to drive two. It costs $5 to go round trip to church in the van. If we can help it, we'll use the car and pay $3 (for example, going to Scouts/Achievement... we're often asked to pick up other boys since we live pretty much the furthest out from the church and they are "on the way;" it's cut off at 2 extra kids now... $2 just isn't worth providing service to us). (yes, I'm evil... it runs in the family)