Thursday, May 6, 2010

What other people think

Heard in a sacrament meeting address: “You shouldn’t go to any movies that don’t follow church standards, because non-members might see you there and think less of the church because of you.”

Now, beyond the fact that i strongly doubt that non-Mormons care at all about what movies Mormons watch, it brings to mind something i saw in an email forward once, which was a list of lines headed by “You know you’re a victim of bad timing if…” One of them was “…you don’t have an umbrella, so you take shelter in the only place available, the awning of a local movie theatre—but it’s an X-rated theatre, and that’s the moment your minister decides to take a walk around the neighborhood.”

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Heather the Mama Duk said...

I'm guessing a non-Mormon would think something more along the lines of "Dude likes a movie I like, too." And minister would probably think something like "No umbrella, huh?" Or, mostly, I don't think the minister or the non-Mormon would think much of anything about what someone else was doing at any given moment since most people think mostly about how THEY appear to other rather than how others appear to them aside from fleeting thoughts that often are not recalled any time after that moment.