Friday, May 14, 2010

Doctrine vs. practice

You know, there’s no canonical requirement for the Primary children to sing on Mothers Day. Just sayin’, you know?


Heather the Mama Duk said...

But they're so darn cute!

KRad said...

I'm not positive you'll appreciate this, but I think you will....

The primary children were singing in our ward for Mother's Day & my 2 oldest (8 & 6) really wanted to go to church so they could sing to me (no they wouldn't do it at home - which I rallied for just having had family member #4 c-section a short 12 days prior).

So we made the trek to sacrament meeting (after which we promptly came home - hence the irony in all of this). After 3 youth speakers the primary children took their places, about 1/2 way through their song child #3 took a head dive into the bench in front of us (we sit just behind the deacons so we are pretty much the front row at this point) and proceeded to SCREAM through the rest of the song. Hubby didn't take her out since "the song is just about over" at which point I notice my 2, have to go to church so we can sing to you mom, primary children all but doubled over in laughter at the situation going on back at our bench. Now that's a Mother's Day memory.

Funny thing is I kept wondering how many moms were looking forward to having their children sing to them that day to have it upstaged (not sure this is the word I want) by the circus that was my children that day. Oh well - it is what it was.