Thursday, March 11, 2010

The power of stupid terminology

Do non-Mormons use the silly, silly term “power of procreation” to label sex (and, relatedy, fecundity)? I find scattered references from other sources on Google, but the top hits are all Mormon-oriented.


Michelle said...

For some reason, after reading this my first thought was "Wonder Twin powers, activate!"

Then my second thought (which for some reason struck me as equally funny) was that I guess we infertile folks got no power. Seems like cause for a protest or something.

David B said...

Well, the infertile do have the power of having lots of sex without worrying about the possibility of morning sickness, so at least you’ve got something, right?

This brings to mind a teenage memory—post coming soon!

Michelle said...

I got the power!!! (Cue '90s dance tune music...)

Heather the Mama Duk said...

That's certainly one rose-colored way of looking at it lol

As a matter of fact, YES, I have read several very conservative very religious (read: I know these people because they are those weird homeschoolers everyone talks about) and they use the term power of procreation.

Of course, these are also the people who write saxual and sax because, apparently, we now play very complicated wind instruments while in bed with our spouses. Oh, and my very favorite, because they just can't bring themselves to write the word "period" and I guess menstruation is just too clinical, they write ( . ).