Saturday, March 27, 2010

More questions about the hymnal

My least favorite song in the hymnal, arguably, is “In Our Lovely Deseret”—i see little to no redeeming value in it.

Lately, though, i’ve become curious whether i most object to the insanely didactic nature of the song’s lyrics, or if it’s the oddly unmusical musical setting those lyrics have been put to. Has anyone out there ever heard this song put to different music? Is there anything that works, that would make it more palatable for someone like me?

(What’s really bad is the musical setting for that song played on a piano, by the way. On the organ it still sounds bad, just not as gag-inducing.)


Heather the Mama Duk said...

I object to the whole "lovely Deseret" part.

David B said...

Yeah, that too. Actually, i’m really bothered by “there’s a multitude of children all around”—not because of anything it says about demography of the need for bearing children or whatever, but rather because it’s just a clumsy way of phrasing the thought.