Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nobody comes to Utah by chance

During my exile in Utah, i was at a sacrament meeting that was focused on increasing missionary activity in our town.* One of the things that was said, in an attempt to get us to feel that we would be successful in talking to our neighbors about the gospel, was “Remember, nobody comes to Utah by chance.”

Given my own experience, i can attest that this is true—some come well-prepared so that they can learn the gospel, some come so that they can help build the church up even stronger, and some come so ill-fitted to the local culture that they give the angels giggling fits. You get one and exactly one guess which group i fell into.

* This happened in a town where the population was more than 95% nominally Mormon, and where sacrament meeting attendance among those Mormons was higher than 80%. Think that through, and the whole subject becomes very, very different.


DRad said...

Dan & I had giggling fit just reading this ummm a guess - yea not needed!

Butter said...

Jamie and I have long been amused by the friend Jamie used to have who decided she was a lesbian and then got a job in Utah, and not in Salt Lake where there is a pretty decent sized homosexual community. Nope. She ended up in one of those 98% Mormon areas. Yeah. Major angel giggling fits there.