Friday, May 1, 2009

How to be happy

Actual sacrament meeting quote: “Despair comes of iniquity.” So there you go—proof that we all need to maintain our plastic smiles at all costs and never allow ourselves to be unhappy, because otherwise that’s proof we’ve sinned. (If only Job had recognized that simple fact!)


Anonymous said...

Perhaps despair is different from mere unhappiness?

Butter said...

My friend went to SVU (Mormon college in VA) and she took a psychology class and a girl in the class argued that the only reason people are unhappy ever is because they have sinned and if they would just repent and read their scriptures daily then they would be happy. Luckily that was the opinion of only one person in the entire class.

David B said...

@TheSundayPage: Yeah, i think you're right. Given the context, though, that's not what the speaker meant--and i fear that it (the idea that mere unhappiness necessarily stems from unrighteousness) is a more widespread idea among Mormons than is really healthy.

(Of course, i don't think that we're alone in that.)