Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tips for speakers

Here’s a tip for when you’re reading scriptures up in front of everybody and you don’t want all the linguists in the congregation to snicker:

The word shew sounds the same as show, not shoe.

Really, the ignorance of Early Modern English irregular verb forms in the church is shocking, just shocking.

Next lesson, bade and forbade.


Butter said...

Leave it to English to have yet another oddity in it. So now that we know that shew is pronounced show instead of shoe that's how we say it when we read scriptures as a family. It's in the NT a lot!

The only thing is, if we were to pronounce it correctly at church everyone would think we didn't know how to pronounce it correctly. After all, there's like three wards in the whole world with a linguist in the audience ;-P

Butter said...

And another thing... Why in the world would bade have a long a and forbade have a short one (I already know that one because Mommie taught me years ago). English is strange.