Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Follow(ing) the prophet, part 2

Another thought (as promised) on one of my least favorite Primary songs: “Follow the Prophet”.

Part of the problem is that some of the coolest prophets are left out. Take, for example, the prophet described in Judges ch. 4—no mention at all in the song. Therefore, to rectify this situation, i provide the following (which works best, by the way, if the name in the first line is done with two syllables, and the name in the second line is done with three syllables):

Deborah was a prophet,
Israel she judged.
Led Barak to battle
When he wouldn’t budge.

Then they fought with Canaan,
Scared the king away.
And when it all was over
The women saved the day.

She was a great prophet—can’t imagine why we don’t sing about her. Can’t imagine at all—can you?

Verse copyright ©2008 David Bowie. May be copied for home, church, or other incidental noncommercial use. All other rights reserved. And yes, that really is my name—now you know why i just go by David B on the net.


David said...

Do you really believe that the Church will allow Primary children to sing about "Bara(c)k"?

Come on!

Actually those are pretty good lyrics and you are smart to assert that copyright. Now just try to get any David Bowie to get a songwriting credit in a church songbook.

Natalie said...

Oh man, will you please, please, please submit this verse to be published in the next edition?

I can't tell you how much good it would have done me to sing about a female prophet when I was a little girl.


PS: Yes, I'm just a random person that found your blog through a link. :)