Friday, August 22, 2008

Wheat? What wheat?

Haven’t been able to post the past few days, what with living in Central Florida, and therefore having to deal with more consecutive days of a tropical storm than is really ever supposed to happen.

Being in Central Florida ties in to my thoughts for tonight, though, because as much as people like to say the church is the same everywhere, it really isn’t—the differences may be small, but they’re real.

Case in point: food storage. Everywhere we’ve lived before Florida, the word on what to store for long-term storage (i.e., the stuff past your three months’ worth under the current program) has been all wheat, all the time.

Here in Florida, we’ve heard little to nothing about wheat—any time anyone from around here talks about the core grain for food storage, it’s rice. (I think there’s also a local preference for black beans over white beans, but I’m not as certain about that.) In fact, those few times people bring up storing wheat, the general reaction seems to be along the lines of “Well, you could store wheat if you wanted to, but why?”

(Of course, since we’re not fans of food storage wheat, and our meals are way more likely to feature rice than wheat, it only seems right to us…)


mamaduk said...

Here they say to store what you eat. If that's wheat, store wheat. If it's rice, store rice. But if you won't eat it definitely don't store it.

Kelsey Carreon said...

first of all I love your blog (my sister told it it was a must read) 2nd... my husband is filipino so we store a ton of rice for food storage, I got a can of wheat once and he asked what I planned on doing with it!