Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Stand up, all victims of oppression!

Could people please stop referring to Moroni’s title of liberty as a flag or a banner? Be straight about it—it was a revolutionary manifesto! A publicly displayed broadside, exhorting the people to rise up and destroy the establishment around them. (I mean, really, what was the message? Something like this: Xians of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains…)


David said...

Um, actually wasn't Moroni's title of liberty a call to conserve the liberty and freedoms that they already had. He wanted to prevent a king from taking over the system of judges that was in place.

He wanted to put down all the dissensions that threatened their system of liberty.

Just sayin'.

(I try to learn from the best of commenters)

David B said...

Ah—good point.

So what we learn from this is that Captain Moroni wasn’t a revolutionary, he was a *counter*revolutionary!

(Still doesn't make his manifesto a flag, though.) :-)

Taylor said...

If it was just a rent coat, I could see him nailing it to a door and calling it a manifesto...

On further inspection, there's some pesky stuff in there about it being on the end of a pole (46:13), being "hoisted on every tower" and being "planted" (46:36 and 51:20).

Unless "tower" is code for "door", I've gotta think that manifestos get really hard to read when you hoist them like that.

Conceptually? You bet it was a counter-revolutionary manifesto. You can still use this in your lesson next Sunday.

I might.

Viva Moroni!!