Saturday, October 1, 2016

Sorta-liveblogging general conference: Priesthood session

And now, priesthood session. I do have to say that i do enjoy the way that (at least in places i know about) it’s still a thing that men and boys go to at meetinghouses (like the women and girls go to the women’s session) even though you can easily enough stream it online these days.

(Of course, doing that means there’s a delay between me taking my notes and you getting to see them. I’m sure we’ll all survive that, though.)

Anyway, as is my wont, the first speaker is at the bottom of this post leading to the last speaker at the top, with comments under each speaker’s name going from the first at the top going downwards.

Thomas S. Monson president of the high priesthood
  • If we obey the word of wisdom, we will be blessed.
  • [Seriously, that was it (illustrated by a story). He’s wearing out. Of course, he’s 89 years old, so i figure he’s earned it. It may be useful for our church that we regularly get to watch aging in front of us—memento mori, of course, but also a reminder that no matter how distant someone’s age and experience might be, they probably still have something to teach you.]

Henry B. Eyring of the first presidency
  • Wilford Woodruff said he was just as sustained by God in his first mission (when he was ordained as a teacher) as he was in later preaching as an apostle—as long as one does one’s duty, there is no difference.
  • We need to feel gratitude to those who have helped mentor us.
  • [Did he just take a swipe at young-earth types? Why yes, yes, i do believe he did.]
  • We need to give those less experienced than us a chance to contribute in meaningful ways. [And yes, that was nearly his entire address—he spoke on precisely that at length.]

Dieter F. Uchtdorf of the first presidency
  • After telling the stories of Alma and Amulek (in Alma chh. 8–), there are two questions: (1) What can i learn from Alma. (2) How am i like Amulek?
  • Alma, upon returning to Ammonihah, asked for help (which he received). Too often, we are too hesitant to ask for help.
  • In order for leaders to succeed, they need to find their “Amuleks”. This is the pattern Jesus gave—he didn’t just take care of everything himself (though he could have!), but built up others by allowing them to contribute.
  • If we, like Amulek, have let ourselves drift away from contributing as we should, remember that we, like Amulek, can still do great things.

LeGrand R. Curtis of the quorums of seventy
  • The Book of Mormon is an instrument of conversion (illustrated by a number of stories of that happening).
  • For some a witness of the Book of Mormon comes with their first exposure to it, for others it’s more gradual and comes after much study and prayer.
  • No matter whether our testimony of it comes quickly or slowly, the Book of Mormon will continue to bless us.
  • Parents should make the Book of Mormon a part of their daily family life.

Jeffrey R. Holland of the quorum of apostles
  • Home teachers are the church’s first line of help to its members.
  • Despite all of our efforts in instruction, we still struggle to succeed at it.
  • In the best of all worlds, a monthly visit to each member’s home is still the ideal—but the leadership of the church does recognize the need for local leaders to use available resources in the best ways for local needs.
  • Home teachers should maintain contact with their assigned families even when they can’t visit, whether via in-person conversation, letters, email, phone, text, or whatever—home visits are best, but whatever is done must come from genuine gospel concern.
  • What counts as home teaching? Everything counts! Report it all!
  • But what really counts is the love we feel for the families we are assigned to home teach.
  • Home teachers should be God’s emissaries, loving and caring for the people.

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Heather the Mama Duk said...

Elder Holland:
It was very sad that the men got him this year. In our ward only home visits count. I'm curious if that will change. My friend's home teachers told her they will come see her once a month and that is it unless she asks for something. It was kind of weird. They were very clear their numbers mattered, not her.

Elder Curtis:
Our stake president challenged our stake to read the Book of Mormon between Stake Conferences in April and October. I finished it in July. I am also reading the Old Testament for the first time ever and will probably finish it next month. I had to agree with reading the Book of Mormon having power since I wasn't too thrilled with God reading the OT, but reading the BoM made me like Him again.

President Uchtdorf:
We have a high councillor in our stake who is from Germany. When he quotes President Uchtdorf it's bizarre because of the accent. That has nothing to do with the talk.

President Eyring:
I totally missed the young earth swipe. That was another thing with the LDS homeschooling FB group I left. Seriously young earth and "the temple proves it."

President Monson:
A few minutes after he gave the talk, they posted it on Facebook in its entirety. I think they realize he's getting harder to understand.

(We all watched it at home. Jamie twisted his knee at taekwondo Saturday morning so he was in considerable pain, unable to walk, and icing the injury. They do meet Meat Fest here. Men bring meat and it gets grilled and they eat it. Nothing but meet. So Texan.)