Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sorta-liveblogging general conference: Saturday afternoon session

Next session! I used to think the Sunday morning session was the most watched, but nowadays i’m thinking it might be this one. No idea really, though.

As always with these, the speakers are in chronological order, but backwards, as if they were each a separate blog post. Under each speaker, though, the comments i make are in chronological order, top-down. So to start reading about this session, scroll to the end and read upward from there.

L. Tom Perry, of the quorum of apostles

  • The New Testament writers didn’t worry about Jesus’s social standing or clothing—their focus was on his status as the son of God.
  • We are blessed to have the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives, and available to us as a guide.
  • Mothers and fathers are both to strengthen their families and homes.
  • The gospel of Jesus Christ provides a foundation for lasting peace for our eternal family units.

Jeffrey R. Holland, of the quorum of apostles

  • Jesus’s first messianic duty was to bless the poor (including the poor in spirit).
  • Remember that the son of God was homeless.
  • The church hadn’t even been organized for a year when we were commanded that the poor must be helped, and not suffer.
  • (So much for a “prosperity gospel” approach to blessings, eh?)
  • We need to help others, because we can help individuals even when we can’t help everyone.
  • We are required to help those who stand in need, and impart of our substance if we have it—and if we don’t, our prayers are in vain.
  • We are expected to help ourselves before we seek help for others—but we have an obligation to help those who can’t help themselves, and God will help us know how to fulfill that commandment.
  • A shout-out for fasting and fast offerings (and other humanitarian offerings).
  • More than three-quarters of a million members of the church were helped last year from fast offering donations. (Out of 15 million, that's a lot.)
  • Paraphrasing: I have never been poor, and don’t even know how the poor feel, but I do know that there but for the grace of God go I—and I also know that I may not be my brother’s keeper, but I am my brother’s brother, and I must share.
  • Revelation says that the poor will one day see the kingdom of God coming to deliver them in power and glory—and we can be a part of that.
  • (Hurrah! for a bit of CatholicMormon social justice!)

Eduardo Gavarret (of the quorums of seventy), delivered in Spanish

  • We need to take care to know the Savior’s voice, and follow him.
  • Speaking directly to those investigating the church, but not in the “here’s the first discussion” manner you usually hear—very cool.
  • Enoch had doubts about his ability to preach the gospel, but God calmed his doubts with a “Walk with me.”
  • Feed our desire to be a better follower of Christ—pray for it.
  • Simply knowing the truth will not change your world unless you turn desire into action.

Jörg Klebingat (of the quorums of seventy)

  • So it looks like the German general authorities are showing off their English today…
  • Take responsibility for your own spiritual well-being.
  • Take responsibility for your own physical well-being.
  • Embrace voluntary, whole-hearted obedience as part of your life.
  • Choosing something bad over something worse is still wrong.
  • “Casualness in spiritual matters never was happiness.”
  • Become really, really good at repenting thoroughly and quickly.
  • Become really, really good at forgiving.
  • Accept trials and setbacks as part of your mortal experience.
  • The Savior is anxious for your confidence to wax strong in the presence of God.
  • (Dang, he spoke really, really fast.)

Tad R. Callister (Sunday School general president)

  • He starts out with Benjamin Carson’s early life (and in so doing holds up a nonmember as an example of someone fulfilling their God-given role as a good parent).
  • Parents are to teach their children the truths of the gospel.
  • We need to teach our children to get into the habit of personal prayer.
  • We may need to tell our children to get away from their electronic devices occasionally, and that’s okay, because it’s part of our jobs as parents.

Neil L. Anderson (of the quorum of apostles)

  • Spiritual issues require spiritual evidences.
  • Joseph Smith was honorable, despite the claims of his detractors; in fact, trying to rely on the claims of Joseph Smith’s detractors to try to get a clear idea of his character is an inherently flawed approach.
  • Remember that truth may be true but presented in a context that gives the entirely wrong impression.
  • Documentary evidence is useful, but ultimately “spiritual questions deserve spiritual answers from God”.
  • You aren’t fully able to help others if your own faith isn’t secure.

Dallin H. Oaks (of the quorum of apostles)

  • Why is it so difficult to love everyone around us? Because not everyone shares our beliefs and obligations
  • We cannot be the leaven of the world if we associate only with those who share our beliefs and practices.
  • Contention is forbidden not just to followers of Jesus Christ, but avoiding contention is a commandment to all.
  • A straight-up statement against same-sex marriage, rather than dancing around the issue! [My thought: Whether you agree with him or not, it's refreshing to hear direct engagement with a hot-button issue in general conference rather than code words.]
  • “Followers of Christ should be examples of civility…Though we disagree, we should not be disagreeable.”
  • If the end result on an issue ends up as something we don’t agree with, we should accept the result with civility.
  • And now a straight-up statement that forbidding your kids to play with non-Mormon kids is a Bad Thing.
  • “Kindness is powerful, especially in a family setting.”
  • This is all totally calling both Mormons and non-Mormons to repentance, but especially the Mormons.
  • “We must live with differences, but as followers of Christ, we should live peaceably with those who don't follow our beliefs.”

Henry B. Eyring (of the first presidency), presentation of general officers and area seventies

  • How long has this quorum of apostles been unchanged? [David B goes and checks.] 5½ years. That’s a long time (though not the longest, of course).
  • Not a lot of changes this time.

Dieter F. Uchtdorf (of the first presidency), opening remarks

  • He totally said Chor before correcting himself to choir! Maybe he should have spoken in German, after all…


Heather the Mama Duk said...

Elder Oaks - He's my favorite apostle and this talk definitely shows why. He speaks with love and caring, but also very directly. I am glad he straight out said that not allowing LDS kids to play with non-LDS kids is bad. I know people who do that. In Beehives the other week one of my girls said the best way to guard their virtue is to one day only date LDS kids. This led to a discussion - completely girl-led - about how some LDS boys may not hold to the standards while some non-LDS boys may so it's better to date good boys. I was proud of the girls who disagreed and the discussion that followed.

Elder Anderson - Is he the one who said there is no truth filter on the internet?

Elder Callister - He is difficult to watch speak, but listening he is great. Ben Carson's mother is definitely an amazing woman and a good example to everyone.

Your last sentence is missing something.

Elder Klebingat - You seem to like really, really when referring to this one.

Elder Gavarret - I wonder if we'll have one non-English talk per session.

Elder Holland - Amazing. His spirit is one of the best. There's an LDS prosperity gospel Facebook group I've heard about. The movie Mom's Night Out totally makes fun of that sort of thinking/belief. His bit about never being poor and being his brother's brother was beautiful.

Elder Perry - Nice ending to the day's sessions (for us women at least).

David B said...

     Your last sentence is missing something.

Not any more! ☺

And the “really, really”s in Elder Klebingat’s address were from him, so i figure it’s utterly licensed.