Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Just asking for equal time

So i still don’t get the reflexive need that so many Mormons have to loudly and vociferously declare that the Law of Consecration* isn’t communism each and every time the Law of Consecration comes up in a church class—but i’ve come to terms with it as one of those things that will simply always be, whether or not there’s a good reason for it.

So fine, whatever, go ahead and remind everyone that the Law of Consecration isn'’t communism. Knock yourselves out over it.

But please, when you do that, could you also mention that whatever ism it might be, the Law of Consecration also most definitely isn’t capitalism, either?

* Or the United Order. They’re different things,** as i’ve noted before, but yeah, they’re closely enough related that either one fits here.

** Also, the comments on the post linked to there exhibit a most excellent example of what i’m talking about in the main body of today’s post.

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Heather the Mama Duk said...

People forget that communism itself (the theory) is not a bad thing. Communism as we know it, as it is practiced in real life, is not what communism, pure communism, could be. Fact is, the United Order is pretty much Utopian communism. It'll only work with the perfect leader at it's head (Jesus) and people who *all* care about each other and want to be sure everyone has all they need (Zion).

I've quit saying anything about communism when the law of consecration is being taught because it really freaks people out and once I got ripped a new one by my visiting teacher for saying it. Like she came over special just to dress me down over the comment. She railed on me for quite some time. I never really cared for that visiting teacher. She was very know-it-all-ish and holier than thou.

Anyway, fact is, the United Order is a heck of a lot closer to communism than it is to capitalism. And it's an incredibly huge undertaking and would be exceedingly hard to get to work properly.