Tuesday, November 6, 2012

You or someone like you

As i write this, i have no idea who’s going to win the race for president of the United States.* I know a lot of people who are going to be voting one way or another, and i know some people are going to be voting for or against Mitt Romney because he’s a Mormon, and some who will be doing so in spite of that fact.

I would like to state, very bluntly and directly, that i find voting for or against someone based on their religious choices silly. It’s what we do, though, so whatever.

With that as background, though, the rest of this is written with the Mormons who are voting for Romney because he’s a Mormon in mind.

Many of the people i know who are voting for Romney are planning on voting for him at least in large part because he’s a Mormon. This makes sense, because a lot of the people in my social circles are Mormon, and affinity voting is a real thing.

Have they really thought this through, though? I still remember someone telling me during the presidential primary season back in 2008 that he was planning on voting for Romney, even though he (my friend) differed with him (Romney) on a lot of issues, “because Romney has the priesthood, and you’ve got to trust the priesthood.” Really?!? I mean, when did someone receiving the priesthood immediately make him trustworthy enough to be offered one of the two or three most powerful jobs on the planet based on that qualification alone?

Seriously, i don’t get it. I mean, i’ve known some priesthood holders who were jerks, and i’ve known some folks who don’t hold the priesthood who are role models at a level i merely hope to one day get somewhere close to.

So what’s with the Mormon affinity thing? Just because he’s one of ours, we suddenly get less critical? Not healthy, folks, not healthy at all.

* I tend to believe that statistically valid samples work, and so i have expectations, but that’s a whole different discussion right there.


Michelle said...

I think that if you are a Mormon voting for Romney in large part simply because he's a Mormon, then you are an idiot. Would those same people also vote for Harry Reid simply because he's a Mormon? If so, then they are seriously confused politically.

To me, voting for someone (or not voting for someone) based on religion ranks right up there with voting (or not) based on race or gender. I have a lot of respect for the folks out there who listen to sermons at church each Sunday preaching the evils of the LDS faith (I lived in the Bible belt - I've personally witnessed it), and have managed to put that aside in their decision-making of whom to vote for. That's way more admirable than Mormons voting for Mormons.

Mumbles said...

Non-Mormon former Utahn here, which has given me some really odd experiences, politically. I voted FOR President Obama, though, were I not happy with the Democratic nominiee, I'd have likely voted AGAINST Romney. Not because of his faith--I'm an atheist, so it's all the same to me. Heck, had Huntsman been in the running, I wouldn't have voted for him against Obama, but I would never have voted against him. Does that make sense? I like Huntsman. I think he's got a sensibility, an intelligence, and a moral compass that Mr. Romney lacks. I felt terror at the idea of Romney in the White House. I wouldn't have felt that with Huntsman. I'd have been sad that "my guy" didn't win, but I would have been okay with Mr. Huntsman and optimistic about his presidency, even though we do differ on a few things.

Anyway, I'm rambling. I am really enjoying your blog--well-written, thoughtful, considered, and fair.