Saturday, April 7, 2012


Easter weekend traditions we’re celebrating this year at the David B and family home:

  • Having an Easter feast with, as its centerpiece, a pork shoulder brined overnight in a cola beverage (in order of preference, Dr. Pepper, Coca-Cola, or—the one we have to use this year—Pepsi, whichever we can most easily get in a made-with-real-sugar variety)
  • Listening to a recording of David Sedaris’s reading of his own essay, “Jesus Shaves
  • Watching Jesus Christ Superstar

In other news, it’s fun occasionally making our fellow Mormons’ heads explode.


Heather the Mama Duk said...

1.) We have Coke in the house at all times for those who like it. I think cola beverages are nasty tasting, but they do make a tasty marinade.

2.) Never heard of it before.

3.) Reading the part of the NT where Jesus lays into the moneychangers and other people in the temple is much more interesting if you do it just like it is in Jesus Christ Superstar. BTW, I much prefer the 2000 version of JCS over the Ted Neely version. Apparently so does ALW. He handpicked the people to play the parts in the remake.

Speaking of Jesus Christ Superstar, that used to be Ani's favorite movie. When she was 18 months old. She'd watch it at least once a day. Some years later we were at a homeschooling convention in PA. For some reason someone mentioned JCS at the KONOS booth. I said we loved that movie and our daughter especially did. The woman running the booth actually did not want to sell anything to us after that because she was so horrified that we would like and watch it! Her husband totally had to talk her down. I'm guessing if she had known we were actually Mormons and "not" Christians (since I am sure she'd've been one who thought that) she actually would not have sold anything to us.

David B said...

@Heather: You should totally follow the link in the post to the David Sedaris reading. You will enjoy it.