Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Blessing gowns

Why, when babies are given a name and a blessing in font of the congregation, do we usually dress them in white? Yeah, church policy requires white clothing for baptisms and for temple weddings, but it’s not required for every ordinance, even for every saving ordinance (e.g., confirmations). So why do we dress babies in white for their blessings?


Michelle said...

I think it has just become tradition. We had Erik blessed in a dark blue outfit - dress pants, shirt and a vest. Whenever I see a little boy in a white blessing gown I always think that he looks like a girl. I wanted my son to look like a boy.

Plus, part of me just wanted to prove that a baby doesn't need to be dressed in white. And the blessing doesn't have to take place at the first available moment - Erik was 4 months old.

Heather the Mama Duk said...

Tradition. Definitely tradition.

Ani was in white because Jamie's aunt bought her her gown. Cameron was in white and blue because I was insane and made a satin outfit (one piece pants/top) for him. Fritz and Adrian were blessed in the same outfit. Blue and white seersucker shortalls and a blue shirt. Picture here - http://www.duklings.net/2006/09/03/he-has-a-name/ I don't love white. Actually, I dislike it. I loved the outfits the little boys wore.

Ani was blessed at 4 1/2 months because it was the Sunday after Michelle's wedding and everyone was around. Cameron was 2 months old, Fritz was 1 1/2 months, and Adrian was 2 1/2 months. I recently learned that many people like to have the blessing done by the first fast Sunday after the baby is born. Ummm... we're not Catholic. And it's not like the blessing is a saving ordinance.

Vegy-Gal said...

In know the answer! Because Catholics do it. Just like we celebrate Christmas cause Rome thought it would help convert pagans. We do a host of things because of the traditions of men.

Does God care? Does it make Him sad? I wonder.

David B said...

@Vegy-Gal: You might find it interesting that i had originally written this post with another sentence at the end: Is it just ’cause the Catholics do it that way?

I left it out because i was afraid it would predispose any conversation in ways i didn’t want it to go. But who knows? Maybe i should have left it in.

Working on Mojo. said...

I chose to have the blessing done at 6 months (had to get hubby onside who is non-LDS). Daughter dressed in a lilac store bought normal length frock with matching cardie and looked adorable. Raised Catholic so probably a deep down deliberate decision. I just don't like when we stick to tradtions of men which are not based in doctrine. Gets my goat. To me it shows the parent to have a weak and fearfully supersticious mind.