Tuesday, October 4, 2011

An attempt at crowdsourcing

So i’m looking for old (i.e., 1940 through 1970) general conference transcripts for research purposes. I used to be able to find them for free through LDSLibrary.com (don’t bother clicking on it, it hasn’t worked any time i’ve tried it during the past couple months), and LDS.org’s general conference archive only goes back to 1974.

So, a question for anyone who reads this: Do you know of a free online source for still-in-copyright pre-1974 general conference transcripts (like there used to be), or do i have to break down and shell out some cash? (I mean, for all i know, LDSLibrary.com was violating copyright, but it looked legit at the time.)

And a secondary question: Why does the church make it relatively difficult to access old general conference proceedings?


biscky said...
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biscky said...

I found this site with links back to 1942 conference talks.


In the panel on the top right side of the page click on General Conference and then you can click on what year you want to read. Hope this helps.

David B said...

Excellent! I'd seen a reference that site before, but i’d figured that with a name like “LDS Scripture Citation Index” it was just a cross-reference list, not full text.

I think i actually have a print 1940 conference report set lying around, so this gives me pretty much everything i need—thanks.

Heather the Mama Duk said...

Answer to the second question: I'm thinking because you and three other people are the only ones who want to read them/care... ;-P