Friday, July 29, 2011

No seat for you!

One more thought from the branch where i attended church last Sunday—we met in what appeared to be a recently-built building (for example, it had the current church logo on it, rather than any of the ones you see on older buildings), and it was clearly built for a small branch (not that many classrooms, a smallish chapel, and so on). There was one rather odd bit about the building’s design, though: There was no place for chapel overflow seating—the influx of visitors that Sunday meant that those who came in just a few minutes early (that’s right, not those who came late, but rather those who were only a couple minutes early) had nowhere to sit for sacrament meeting, but had to stand in the very small foyer.

Not exactly a welcoming design, really.

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Heather the Mama Duk said...

Sounds a bit like the King Street chapel in Alexandria City. It's the oldest in the area (turned 50 when we were there a few years ago). They had made it so the side could be opened to the cultural hall so the overflow seating was seriously strange to the side with almost no visibility of the speaker. 'Twas okay, though, because if we wanted to park in the parking lot instead of across the (very busy) street, we had to be 30-40 minutes early so we usually got decent seats.