Sunday, February 20, 2011

Modesty, yet again

My oldest is approaching twelve years old, so she recently attended the “New Beginnings” event for girls entering the young women’s program during the coming year. As part of my ward’s program this year, the entire (rather small) group of active young women put on a semi-improvisational skit designed to teach about various gospel values.

(It wasn’t that bad, either—and it had a decent amount of natural and un-self-conscious humor to it. Gave me a flicker of hope for the future. But i digress.)

Anyway, one of the girls’ had, as her character, someone with a problem with modesty. When another girl prompted her to give ways she could be more modest, she gave answers like not wearing so much jewelry and not trying to draw so much attention to herself.

That clearly wasn't what the other girl expected, so she tried again, asking whether there was anything that might be changed about her clothes. This actually seemed to puzzle the first girl a little bit, but she eventually came up with something along the lines of maybe not wearing clothes that were quite so bright and flashy.

Clearly, this girl has been raised by parents who use the same definition of modesty as me (and the same definition as, according to a plain text reading, the writers of the Book of Mormon)—a lack of ostentatiousness.

It’s good to realize i’m not completely alone.


Heather the Mama Duk said...

Awesome kid. I love that she didn't go right to the sundress thing (or could it be an Alaskan child never had occasion to wear a sundress...). I'm kind of sad that now that Ani wears a bra sundresses don't work out. Sundresses are cute. Sundresses with bra straps peeking out are most definitely not.

Margaret Teusch said...

Aha! Of course there are standards... knees and shoulders and such... but just because your knees are covered (almost) doesn't mean you can wear whatever you want! Good for that young woman.