Friday, January 28, 2011

Men on this side, women on that side

So why do primary presidents have to be female, while Sunday school presidents have to be male?

I mean, i guess i can kind of (but only kind of) understand why primary presidents are female, ’cause there’s the whole women-taking-care-of-children thing. But Sunday school presidents having to be male, that i don’t get at all. Seriously, that requirement seems like it was simply made up to give some guys something to do. It’s not like a female Sunday school president wouldn’t be able to be in charge of male Sunday school teachers, since female primary presidents are in charge of male primary teachers, so it’s not even something that can be explained away by appealing to stereotypes of sexism and authority. So what’s up with the policy?

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Heather the Mama Duk said...

For the primary presidency it may also have something to do with the implicit trust in women vs. the "two-deep" or a window in the door policy if the teacher of children is a man. They took so long giving our primary president a new counselor she was threatening to start asking for men because they said no to all the women she asked for.

No idea at all why the SS presidency is all male.