Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sacramental bread

I have been in wards where there was a strong local directive to only use white bread (as a symbol of purity, i suppose). I’ve also been in wards where there was a strong local directive to only use whole-grain bread (to match up with the Last Supper, i suppose).

Why not just recognize that it makes no difference, and not give any such directive at all?


KRad said...

Interesting topic. Our family provides the bread each week for sacrament in order to make sure it is safe for my kids (food allergies are very inconvenient). It all started when the bread was "yellow" one Sunday - a clear red flag for us of bread that includes egg as an ingredient - & we didn't let Nate have the sacrament & a full on melt down happened right in the middle of sacrament. When we volunteered to start providing the bread for the safety of our children (and one other child with food allergies) we were given no directive what-so-ever on they kind of bread it should be, or shouldn't be. In fact I had never heard of this before - very interesting to me.

Heather the Mama Duk said...

I never have before either. It's quite random what kind of bread we have and has been in all four wards we've been in.

Heather the Mama Duk said...

Five wards. 3 in VA, 2 in MD.

David B said...

Oh, most of the wards i’ve lived in there’s been no directive on sacramental bread, either. I just find it interesting that the two i’ve lived in where there was such a directive, the substance of the directive was completely opposite.

(And, of course, the book of Doctrine & Covenenants would seem to say such directives are misplaced, if not completely wrong.)