Thursday, October 8, 2009

No preaching for the non-ideal

Mormon culture (at least as i’ve experienced it in lots of places in the US the past several years) is, i think, really hung up on familial roles right now, which leads to a lot of “This won’t work for everyone, but we won’t even mention the possibility of alternatives” sorts of statements in church meetings. This bothers me—why not at least occasionally deign to preach directly to those that don’t fit your particular ideal?

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Butter said...

We preach to the typical and ideal. I can't remember which prophet said it (it was in one of the Presidents of the Church lesson manuals), but he said that most people think they are the exception but the reality is that most people are NOT an exception at all. If we preached about alternatives, many would falsely assume that they were one whom that alternative was for.