Monday, September 28, 2009

Children have no free will!

I’ve heard it claimed—over the pulpit, and multiple times—that the future church activity of a family’s children is the direct result of whether the family had family home evening when their kids were children and teenagers. I find this amusing, since family home evening was actually pretty rare in my growing up,* but all of my parent’s children married in the temple and are currently active in the church, achievements that can’t be claimed by a number of other people i know who held family home evening every week. This leads to three semi-unrelated thoughts:

  1. Claims about correct practice based solely on anecdotal evidence are, if not completely stupid, only a half step removed from complete stupidity.
  2. Wouldn’t the vital importance of family home evening make it impossible for converts to the church to remain active?
  3. Why do we find it so hard to admit that children have free will no matter what their parents taught them?

* I’m not an eagle scout, either—in fact, i completely dropped out of boy scouting when I was thirteen. Oh, the wickedness!


KRad said...

While not all my siblings are active (1 is not), but the other 2 of us are & married in the temple with no FHE growing up in our family either. I really struggle with this one myself, on more than one level!

Heather the Mama Duk said...

We just all ended up good because we're awesome like that. Or it was luck. Yeah, probably that. So I don't struggle with those statements. I laugh at them.