Monday, June 8, 2009

Architects gone wild!

A couple weeks ago, A Soft Answer* ran one of its periodic “Flickr Find”s—this time, a picture of the Mormon pavilion at the Expo 74 World’s Fair in Spokane, Washington.

(Click on the image for its Flickr page, including copyright information.)

Yeah, the whole “golden plates” thing is cool and all, but like i wrote on A Soft Answer about it, i strongly suspect that this bit of weirdness from the church’s architects is what got church leadership to finally speak out against the use of mind-altering drugs.

That is all.

* A blog which, in a bit of small-worldness, is done by Dave Sundwall, who i went to college with.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for passing this on.

Who knows what they were smoking back then? More likely they were just making the best of the crummiest decade we may have ever had.

Proud to be born in 1971!

Heather the Mama Duk said...

Wow. I didn't even get the golden plates thing until reading that that's what it is supposed to be. It is kind of cool, though, when you think about it.