Thursday, April 9, 2009

What to focus on

I have a child approaching eight years old, and so she’s been getting lots of Baptism Rocks! messages in Primary. You know, baptism does rock—in fact, it’s even necessary. Long term, though, what really rocks is the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Harder to get that across to seven-year-olds, i suppose, but i feel like we ought to try more at it.

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Heather the Mama Duk said...

Our ward is pretty unique in a lot of ways. I really hate that we're moving away from it. Anyway, while of course there was a lot of baptism rocks stuff, they really focused a lot on the Holy Ghost and what having Him with you always means. I was impressed by that. We'll see what our new/old ward does. I don't remember what they emphasized when I was baptized. Cameron will be baptized there in October.