Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Props in sacrament meeting

I’m mostly happy with the church’s policy against the use of props in sacrament meeting addresses—but there’s some times it’d be fun, you know?

Like one person i know who (some years ago) used a fruit pie as a prop in speaking about how mass media can be attractive but harmful. I though it was a pity that it never actually got used as a prop—you know, something like

Brothers and sisters, this fruit pie is just like the mass media. It has its good uses—see how i’m eating a bite right now, and it tastes real good, let me tell you—but it also has its bad uses, as you’ll see as i whirl around in a moment and pop it straight into the bishop’s face.

If nothing else, i’d get out of speaking in sacrament meeting for a long, long time.

1 comment:

Butter said...

I've seen some unique uses for props, but that would take the cake, um, pie.